Time to play catch up on the blog…. Who’s with me? 🙂


After the rain leaves, if only for a moment, there is the green and lush growth that fills so many with hope and excitement and joy for what is to come…..

A new little brother or sister.

A new little heart to love and cherish.

A new reason to get up and breathe.

But first we must savour the moments that are here, and now and preparing us for what is to come……






Thanks for letting me capture you and yours Balinda and Adam 🙂

Chalk and cheese.

Apples and oranges.

Black and white.


It’s all the same right?

But I tell you what, from my own experience this is an unbreakable bond, at times you can’t live with them but too long without them and your life just isn’t the same and word to the wise…… come between them and you’ll know about it!!

From the outside looking in these sisters have that amazing connection and love between them despite the number of times mum’s had to pull them apart 😉

Each beautiful in their own ways but together they can take on the world.

As corny as it may sound being part of a great family is where it all begins….




So I had written a whole big long post about an enlightening moment I had the other day, basically I was reminded that everyone has a story.

A tale. A past….. and thankfully a future.

While the journaling side of things has always come easy for me after I reached my second page with everything from colourful details to funny anecdotes and even some tear-jerking stories I realized the jist of the matter was still going to be the same.

Exist in photos so you don’t end up wishing you had.

Or so your family doesn’t wish you had.

Be present. Be purposeful.

A few years ago I started this tradition with my loves, straight after church on Mother’s Day we set up for a photo (or ten). Together. Despite the grumbling, usually with the dog in tow if we can get her to play along and we have a little fun. I guilt them into it, it’s their gift to me hahaa! Then i print them, display them, as a reminder of who we are as a family 🙂

I challenge you to do the same, whether you book in for a session or set up your camera on the tripod like i do and gather your loved ones. Most importantly, get them printed, frame them, and put those memories out for all to see. Leave some around for the children to look at so they know they’re cherished and for decades to come.

Today we have been in our new home of Nyngan exactly 43 days.

Kids have started school, hubby has started work and I’m adjusting to a new normal.

43 days of missing what we had called home for over 9 years but 43 days of ups and and downs and lots of looking ahead….

Well…. truth be told it isn’t really 43 days IN Nyngan, you see, we’ve been away almost every weekend and for various reasons including- but not limited to- shopping, picking up car, just because we can and so on and so forth, but then last weeks absence is the main reason for this post so i wont keep rambling….. much 🙂

For the last 8 months, well before we even knew or had an inkling we’d be moving I’d been planning a trip to Melbourne to see the little brother 😉 and to take a workshop with the super talented Barb Uil from Jinkyart alongside my trusty sidekick and beautiful friend Maree. Together we plotted and planned for months (before life threw us a curveball and we had to move but regardless we made it work) and made a whole weekend of it with a couple of ring ins even!!
Finally the workshop day was upon us and Barb showed us how she does her magic and let us run amok in the amazingly beautiful gardens of Duneira Estate in Mt Macedon, Vic with some gorgeous families and endless chances to learn and just take it all in.

To create with light…..

To make new friends…..

To reignite that passion for what we do in the awe inspiring surrounds….

See? even writing about the place gets me a little carried away!

For the grand finale Barb had arranged for Susan & Jason from Animals 2 You to bring some furry loves to be captured alongside the children and wow, that was a such a fun experience! These guys are fantastic!!!

Trust me, it was beautiful!!

Oh wait!! You don’t have to just take my word for it because after all, isn’t that why we went all that way? to capture it all?
So i’ll leave you with some magic from the weekend and thank you to all the lovely models, you guys rocked it!!  🙂


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