Emily & Chris…. Almost 3….. {Mount Isa Maternity & Newborn Photography}

There’s something that happens when a woman gets pregnant….one of those things i mean well after the joy, elation, panic and acceptance, the anticipation and the preparation are all ongoing but we’d be fooling ourselves is we ignore that thought that women have…. what will i wear?

Naturally towards the end , in that 8th month it starts to get harder and harder and although those jeans may not do up any longer and thoseĀ sandals don’t do up because of the cankles and the cute t-shirts you used to wear are indecently too tight there’s a few thingsĀ that will always fit…. a gorgeous garland of flowers and your man’s arms around you…

Now from what i’m told Emily is the Accessory Queen and clearly she looks amazing in anything so this new Mumma is just taking it all in her stride…..







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