Happy First Birthday Cayden….. {Mount Isa Children’s Photographer}

One of the best parts of my job (does it still count as a job if you enjoy it with a passion?) is watching families and children grow and change as time passes. From maternity to first baby to number two and now that one has turned one! Cannot believe what seems like a few weeks ago is now 12 months later and a great big milestone is upon us!

Happy Birthday Cayden!!

Ok, so Master Cayden wasn’t the smiliest little person I’ve come across in a while, and yes i think i can be pretty funny at times and people have sometimes verified this as true…. though they could’ve been laughing at me….. but assuming the latter is true even this wasn’t the case here! Cayden wasn’t having any of it!


Dance and prance as I might he just wouldn’t let that smile show, so i though the cake might sway him him and turn that frown upside down…


Nope, no pearly white to be seen but we both agree on one thing and this is the clincher, this is why we became friends eventually… The boy loves his cake!!


We bonded over the buttery goodness and the sugary handfuls and i think we could possibly be Cake besties if there was such a thing!


One other thing we both agree on is that brothers are pretty cool too 🙂



Considering we started off a little shaky things definitely finished off on a high, hope you had a fun time for your birthday Cayden and i look forward to catching up with you and your brother and the rest of your beautiful family very soon =)

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  • Miss Karen

    Your boys are so gorgeous Em! With or without the smiling! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Meagan Winton

    Gorgeous just gorgeous. I love your photos
    Carol 🙂ReplyCancel

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