Darren & Monique, Married!! {Mount Isa Photography}

Rodeo weekend is usually about bulls, horses, boots and all things cowboy and rough but nothing could be further from the truth this particular Saturday.

Parasols, white frilly dresses, a stunning lace gown and a suit clad gentleman were the order of the day, red dirt and rocks are never far from the imagination of course being Mt Isa but what better backdrop for a couple so in love with each other and this town that has brought them together.

Darren was installing air conditioning units in the school Monique was teaching at and he, like the others, had a favourite classroom where he wanted to spend most of
his time…. my guess is he took a heck of a lot longer installing that one single unit than it would normally take your typical tradie 😉

The rest is of course sweet history and with the sun shining bright and the red dust blowing in the air, Monique said I do and took Darren’s ring as did he hers, and celebrated with their closest friends and family atop Pamela St Hill.

D&MBlog2 copy

Darren and Monique thank you so much for asking me to document your love this day, wishing you a long and happy life together <3

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