What to Wear #1 {Mt Isa Family & Portrait Photography}

For the longest time i have been meaning to to write on this topic as it is a crucial part of the way i work. Bare with me, it may be a lot of reading but knowledge is power right? Let me enlighten you =)
When a potential client contacts me we get together and talk about what their vision for the session might be, we go through locations urban, grungy, bush, romantic etc Then i like to ask what is your ultimate purpose for your images and hope and pray you don’t just want them on CD so they can get tucked away in a draw never to be admired again, luckily i have the most wonderful clients and this hasn’t happened yet ^_^ The artist in me of course wants them printed BIG and for them to take center stage in your homes being admired by all who come in contact with you all! We usually come to some sort of compromise 🙂

Now the next thing is a key part of the final product and that is your clothing choices. WARDROBE! BOM BOM!!
Now it gets scary for so many of you…. Usually Mum is the one who calls and knows exactly what the kids might be wearing but isn’t quite sure of herself in the picture, convincing dad to even agree to the session was hard enough (yeah you know who you are) but now to get him to dress up too?

Well it’s simple, basically be who you are the best way you can be, and that goes for the whole family.

Your wardrobe does NOT have to be:

a) Brand New, as long as you’re wearing it with confidence then you’ll wear it well and you’ll feel good, I’m the ultimate op-shopper too so if it’s brand new to me that’s good enough for me ^_^

2. Ultimate Couture direct from the London Boutiques, unless that’s how you roll, and if so absolutely go for it! If you’re more comfortable going casual then you can rock that too.

3. Matching. Anything. Please for the love of all things beautiful and timeless I beg of you, please, pretty please don’t come matching. In all honesty if you long for that image of your family walking in a line all wearing jeans and white t-shirts then I’d have to say I’m probably not your best choice. Though I have done it in the past… well lets just leave it in the past 🙂

4. Perfectly contrived and immaculate. I say to my clients, if you were all going to dinner together at fabulous cafe in the city what would you wear? Excellent now bring a couple of extra choices and accessories like scarves and hats and vests in a suitcase and we’ll make it all work! Mixing it up is what gives you character and makes it all interesting. Layer it up i say!

So now at the risk of leaving you hanging let me stop right there and leave you with a couple of well stylized images found on Pinterest to get you thinking the way i think….


And a lovely family who rocked everything i said…


Stay tuned for more WHAT to WEAR in the coming weeks where I’ll focus on maternity wear, children and more 🙂

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