Weekend Projects…. {Personal- Mt Isa Photographer}

I’ve always been some sort of crafty, and I’ve done a lot more in the past mainly scrapbooking and sewing but time just manages to elude me nowadays and my mind and soul sometimes craves the urge to create something. Just for me. Because i can 🙂

So last weeks effort was to make this wooden quote hanging using a few techniques i found in my cyber travels….


It had to be a quote i was happy with and this one is just perfect for my little flock ^_^


This week my effort is to have more frogs around the house, i love them you see much to some peoples disgust and at times in the past we’ve had them in the garden but not for a while so here’s my contribution to our yard 🙂


I think I’ll concentrate on this corner a little more so i can have a space that is just ‘me’ so stay tuned for more creative me 🙂

PS: there are fish and tadpoles in the pond already but they were a little camera shy….. new home and all and in case you’re wondering about toads living in there, well let me tell you that they cannot jump that high 😉

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