Exist In Photos…. {Nyngan, NSW, Family Photography}

So I had written a whole big long post about an enlightening moment I had the other day, basically I was reminded that everyone has a story.

A tale. A past….. and thankfully a future.

While the journaling side of things has always come easy for me after I reached my second page with everything from colourful details to funny anecdotes and even some tear-jerking stories I realized the jist of the matter was still going to be the same.

Exist in photos so you don’t end up wishing you had.

Or so your family doesn’t wish you had.

Be present. Be purposeful.

A few years ago I started this tradition with my loves, straight after church on Mother’s Day we set up for a photo (or ten). Together. Despite the grumbling, usually with the dog in tow if we can get her to play along and we have a little fun. I guilt them into it, it’s their gift to me hahaa! Then i print them, display them, as a reminder of who we are as a family 🙂

I challenge you to do the same, whether you book in for a session or set up your camera on the tripod like i do and gather your loved ones. Most importantly, get them printed, frame them, and put those memories out for all to see. Leave some around for the children to look at so they know they’re cherished and for decades to come.

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