Meet the B Family….. {Mount Isa Family Photography}

Today i met this lovely family, Mum I’d met for a glamour session earlier in the month and Emily came for a quick couple of minutes at the end but as a family i hadn’t had the pleasure.

It was truly such a joy to spend the afternoon with them! Now i thought teens are meant to be known for moodiness or indifference, and to be seen with your family in front of a camera is almost certain social suicide right? Well…. not only were they happily obliging Mum’s requests and mine but within minutes of arriving at our location one for the teens was giving me ‘blue steel’ looks and hamming it up for the camera (names will remain anonymous ok Daniel?)!!

The rest of the session was just as fun and let me just say time and time again i come across clients who make me feel like i am already part of their family, sure it could be because i would fit in well with their type of crazy but i prefer to think that it’s just because i happen to be blessed with the best and most beautiful clients!

That’s my story and i’m sticking to it!






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