Worth the wait… {Mt Isa Family & Baby Photography}

So there are some people I have always wanted to photograph, beautiful people, inside and out. Some i would see on  on a day to day basis and for some reason or another i just never had the chance…. some days God just smiles upon us in a more favourable way and my ducks align themselves in a pretty little row 🙂

Deanne was my son’s Prep teacher so (without sounding too much a stalker) after three years when i finally got that chance i was kind of excited!

So now meet the beautiful Guerra family…
Master Flint is as cute as they come, but as luck would have it I caught him on a more serious day and he made me work to get those precious smiles, but believe me when they came it was like the sun was shining brighter and the wind wasn’t so cold…


So i’m sure by now you realize why capturing this family featured high on my to do list and really, with captures like this who could blame me? 🙂
Hope you guys enjoyed your afternoon with me and I’ll be in touch soon 🙂


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