Mystery Family….. {Mount Isa Family Photographer}

So you may have seen these legs on Facebook late last week and there’s a couple of reasons for that. Firstly truth be told, i got home from a fabulous family session and had every intention of posting a blog post that very night…. but when i sat down my tired eyes had other plans and i only got through one edit before having to peel myself off my desk- keyboard keys marked on my face and possibly a post-it stuck to my forehead LOL! It’s been a long week internet!


But the second (and much more to the point) reason is because i truly believe you can tell a lot about a family just by their legs, shoes and the way they stand.
Take a good look and let me tell you about this family just from this image above. Starting at the back is Dad, chilled and relaxed but keeping everyone ahead of him in his sights overlooking all their endevours, he is at the centre keeping it all together no matter what. You’ll notice he has mum firmly in his grip so as to encourage and be encouraged and being by her side at all times, she in turn holds his hand lovingly and has the confidence that as long as she is surrounded by all these boys all will be well. The boys are also cool, calm and collected and as they stand, feet turned all towards each other they too know that together as a family they are strong and secure. Did you see all that? They say a picture is worth a thousand words right? I wonder what else you can see in this image?  🙂

Now let me introduce you to the family’s top halves, and as gorgeous as Lisa’s legs and shoes are they’re all much better looking whole LOL! Meet the Reddicliffe Family…


Lisa just looks amazing all the time….


Seriously! Stunning!


Dad keeps it ‘cash’ hanging with the boys….


But can also clean up alright, I think Lisa thinks this too ^_^


And of course the boys, the ones who keep them both busy….




Haven’t i told you time and time again i have the best clients? Beautiful inside and out?? Well here’s more proof!


Reddicliffe family, thank you for your time and for putting up with me, i hope you enjoy your sneak peek and i will be in touch soon with your gallery details 🙂

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