Cameron & Chloe ~In Love~…. {Mt Isa Engagement and Wedding Photographer}

She looked across the bar and saw something that she liked, maybe it was the eyes that had a bit of mystery and cheek to them or maybe it was the fact that he didn’t seem interested but Chloe knew he was for her. Cameron didn’t notice the stunning blonde watching his every move, or maybe he thought she was out of his league or maybe as guys tend to get sometimes he was just basking in his own ‘coolness’ to let anyone in. Whatever the way it seemed to be going for that one night it wasn’t a tell tale sign of things to come, because you see…. Chloe KNEW in her heart, and women are wise to listen to their hearts and persevere… wasn’t long after that night that Cameron’s scales fell from his eyes and he was able to see and feel she she already knew.
In nine short months Cameron and Chloe will be starting a new life together, despite any lows that may come the joys and laughs will undoubtedly flow because these two have a funness about them, (yes i made that word up, they totally deserve it!!) and today they wanted me to capture the essence of Cameron & Chloe “fun, goofy and quirky” were Chloe’s words so i sincerely hope i have done them justice.




These guys were so sweet together, makes me love my job even more!




Chloe your smile sure lights up the room (and the outback) but you sure are fierce also…WOW!



Cameron, i can see a little of what she was attracted to that night too…


I cant wait till your wedding but until then these will have to do…


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