Shiny Happy People…. {Mt Isa Family Photography}

So another day, another shiny happy family before my lens, oh how I love my job!

Doing what i do I get to  meet people whom i most probably wouldn’t even have a chance of meeting, i mean it’s not like i might end up sitting next to them in the bus right? (Mt Isa has no public buses peoples 🙂 ) and i get to spend, watch, document some happy times with them playing and loving on each other and then I go home thinking wow! How have I never seen them before in 5 years living here? How have we not crossed paths? Stood in the same line at the supermarket? Gone to the same movie? You get my point but anyways, this post isn’t about me and my epiphanies about how small and yet big this life of ours is, it’s about them!




These two have a great unspoken connection between them as brother and sister, it was encouraging to see and be around (especially when i think of my two constantly bickering rugrats LOL!)


I guess it stems from being so sure of who they are as individuals right? Let me introduce you all 🙂

Young ladies of Mt Isa, this bachelor who goes by the name of Hayden is just visiting our bit of dirt so don’t get too attached….


And this is the gorgeous Adel. Now to the young gentlemen callers, I’m sure dad has a shot gun happy to greet you with should you come a-knockin’


Between Dad & Hayden you wont stand a chance! LOL!


Of course without Darren we’d have none of the above, he cleans up alright….


But i have to say that Monique is who really steals the show today… Mon… you have such a gentle beauty about you that is simply captivating!


Together this group of people whom i may never have come across if it wasn’t for my awesome job leave me wanting more of them and people like them ^_^


Thanks for a fun evening, stay shiny and happy and i hope you love your sneak peek 🙂

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