A Family Affair… {Canberra Family Photography}

This was the colder of the few sessions I did in Canberra and let me just say I have never experienced the morning get cooler before it gets cooler again if you know what I mean. Usually the morning starts off cold, then gets warm before getting cold again or in Canberra’s case plummeting til just before snowing temperatures.

Of course on this day when we asked the whole Abideen clan to venture out into the great outdoors with children and gorgeous infants the weather just kept getting colder and then the wind decided to get in on the action! Ok, i know, enough talk of the weather but first understand that each gorgeous person in these images knows exactly what I mean about this day.

So while the wind was freezing my hands to my camera (and actually played havoc with my batteries) this family was doing their best to not feel the wind & cold and really just took it all in their stride…



The more I look at them I’m starting to think I was the only one who was feeling the cold! You all look F.A.B!

And kids, well they just never feel the cold, how cute are they??


And I am allowed to be biased, these two are my nieces ^_^


Abideen Family you are are great looking bunch and I hope you thawed out ok 😉

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