Hats & Laughter makes the world go round {Mount Isa Family & Children’s Photographer}

He had worn odd socks the whole time they were dating, so she bought him matching socks in the hope he would wear them on their wedding day…. he, being true to himself, wore odd socks anyway and she loved him all the more for it.
Since that day the socks have never matched and today, 2 great boys later, a myriad of hardships and trials and oh so many joys and laughs…. like many MANY laughs (coz that’s how this family rolls) he has developed a love for hats to go with the odd socks and the quirky fun family.

In all honesty this family is a hoot to be around so…. when can I move in? Is that weird? Ok… I’ll just show you the fun we had then 🙂



Disclaimer: Maree doesn’t like hats… but she looks great in them so I think she needs to rethink that 😉


How handsome are these boys??



Even just a simple “Come Hither” is turned into a game…


OH.MY.GOODNESS Maree…. you take my breath away, simply stunning!


And what about those hats you say? I wasn’t exaggerating, I promise! This is just a small selection…


Thank you Martin & Maree for letting me in and witness a real life happy family, it was a pleasure and a privilege! I’ll be in touch soon ^_^

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