Just because… {Personal}

I’m a gift giver, that’s my love language. Nothing warms my heart more than giving a gift to an unsuspecting individual who needs a little something for them to know they are loved. Sometimes it’s a reaction because I know they need it and sometimes it’s just because I found something in my retail travels or my culinary experiments that reminds me of them…. Sometimes an anonymous random act of kindness is just the thing i need to makes me take my own eyes away from my woes and onto the beautiful world we can create for ourselves and those around us.

So being a gift giver also makes me a very thankful gift receiver of course 🙂
Waking up to a knock on the door thinking who’s the unfortunate soul who’ll see me in this sorry state to see someone standing on my porch bearing a container with a slice made just for me or arriving at my front door and finding an unexpected little something with my name on it after the morning’s busy happenings that shows me someone was thinking about me. A reminder that I am loved. A reminder that I am blessed. A reminder that I need to step outside myself more and do onto others what I would have done unto me.


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