Girly Girl {Mt Isa Children’s Photographer- Personal}

So apparently according to anyone who knows me NOW (and knows Lily) I was always going to have a girly girl… most people don’t realize i was a bit of a tomboy as a youngin’ but enough of that as it makes me sound old(er) especially as a certain March date creeps closer!

So this morning you request to wear a skirt I of course pull out a denim skirt but you ask for the pretty pink party skirt, then you grab your favourite shoes (purple with spots) and after i put your hair in pigtails you accessorize with the pink headband all on your own which just happens to match the skirt perfectly (clearly all these colour coordinating genes weren’t from your father and sadly¬†your brother missed out on them too)!

Your beautiful curls sit just so around your ears and your skirt sways to and fro as you walk along. You truly are that real girly girl! I *heart* you!


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