It’s a bit unnerving… {Nowra Photography}

Not only is she a photographer herself but also a very dear friend so if i don’t get it right it’ll be who knows how long before i can redeem myself! Then there’s Bill who’s been dragged along kicking and screaming and the girls who’d rather just go and have some coffee and cake somewhere… oh hang on that’s Ro!
So with my tail between my legs and acting like i know what i’m doing i put my photographer cap on and started giving out instructions… “stand here, do this, BILL! STOP IT!, Girls… Girls… GIRLS! Oh… ok… next spot” Sigh…




To be fair, with such a good looking family i was never gonna get it too wrong 🙂

Now check these out, Ro you need to be in front of the camera more! Gorgeous!

And Bill… Don’t pretend you don’t know how to work it baby!


Aren’t they smokin’??


So now that wasn’t so painful was it Field Family?? Here’s one of Ro working her magic on my little family,


This was taken by her daughter but if you want to see the resulting shot go here 🙂

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