I hate saying goodbye! {Mt Isa Family & Children’s Photography}

At the beginning of this year i saw this wonderful friendly face at my sons first day of school, she was smiling and was chatty in a sea of nervous children and parents. Her youngest of four was a little hesitant to let her go when the time came as opposed to my first born who was waving goodbye as soon as the music started. So as her little man had to be coaxed back into the classroom and she, my now friend (who as yet didn’t have a name) did the right thing and walked away from the door so he wouldn’t be so upset…. a few of us mums realized Rusty too needed a bit of a distraction after a tough morning on the first day of school…
That was such a world away from now, the kids have become the best of friends and after many a cup of tea and cake I have been blessed with yet another lifelong friend whom i’ll make every effort to comfort and distract as we say good bye in just a few days at the airport. Like i said. I hate goodbyes.

Ok… so i’ll stop sobbing now just long enough to show you who this wonderful friend of mine is and her gorgeous family who I will miss dearly 🙁



I think this image just captures Miss M, you are simply beautiful.

Miss J you are a barrel of laughs, don’t ever change 🙂

Master J, I always knew you’d warm up to me eventually 😉

And Master L, you are the biggest surprise of them all! So quiet and shy to begin with but i love it when you show your true colours!

Rusty I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, you are just stunning!!!

And Greg well… you know what you got 😉

I could go on and on both writing and showing you images of this beautiful family but with every one i get a little bit sadder… 🙁
Best of luck my friend on your new journey, i won’t say good bye just a quick see you later as i promise you i will track you down and we WILL do this again!

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  • Helen

    Beautiful photos Carol – the hesitation at leaving mum and coming in to school yesterday was back for Lachy – he knew it would be his last day with all of the kids, of that I am sure.Just like it was at the beginning of the year he almost made me cry there and then. Of these small children that come to us every year there are some that will always be in our hearts. We are all blessed at having had this delightful family come into our lives.
    I truely hope that your precous liitle man has had the start he needs from us that has ensured that he will always love coming to school – he is another who has left an impression in my heart, thanks for sharing him with us.


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